MTC - Mouse to Touch Controller for Yamaha Montage/MODX

Yamaha Montage is Yamaha's flagship synthesizer that streamlines your workflow and rockets your sound creation and modulation capabilities up to a whole new level. Yamaha MODX is a Montage for the masses.

Both are awesome instruments but some owners are not happy with the synthesizer’s integrated touch screen. It’s a bit too small, has a narrow angle for viewing and makes it difficult to work with it for persons with weak vision.

As rescuire in this situation is the possibility to connect external larger touch screen but just a few touchscreen monitors in the market are supported. Sadly, but most (if not all) of them are already out of the manufacture and very hard to find even in used condition.

The MTC (Mouse to Touch Controller) device resolves this problem. This small device with the help of included software allows you to control Yamaha MODX/Montage touch screen using a regular computer monitor and mouse. Every mouse click is sent to the Yamaha instrument and simulates a finder touch.

No modifications of expensive instruments are required.